Chong Ers Preach Review

Chong Er's Preach, also known as The Legend of Chong Er (Chinese: 重耳传奇) is a 2019 Chinese historical romantic comedy television series directed by Lai Shuiqing and Zhao Jian and starring Wang Longhua, Baby Zhang, Zhang Yishan, Madina Memet, Purba Rgyal, Shen Mengchen, and Gan Tingting.

It is produced jointly by China Film Group Corporation, Global Hao Xiang Television Media and Shenzhen Yucong Cultural Media Co., Ltd.. The television series follows the story of the Duke Wen of Jin from exile to later ascending the throne to become king. This television series has a 2.6 rating on Douban.

This is the story of Chong Er (Wang Longhua), a talented and kind prince. He is entangled in romantic relationships with Li Ji (Madina Memet), Qi Jiang (Zhang Hanyun), Qin Yingyue (Shen Mengchen), and Ji Wei (Gan Tingting), and faces numerous assassinations.

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