Omniscient Interfering View Review

Omniscient Interfering View (Korean: 전지적 참견 시점; Hanja: 全知干預視角; RR: Jeonjijeok Chamgyeon Sijeom; MR: Chŏnjijŏng ch'amgyŏn shijŏm) is a South Korean television entertainment program, distributed and syndicated by MBC Saturdays at 11:05 pm (KST) since 10 March 2018.

Omniscient Interfering View is an observational entertainment show that uses a documentary style techniques to observe the life of the cast members and their managers.

Between episode 1 and 10, the cast members, a behavioral analysis expert, and occasionally guests, watch the videos in a studio setting and provide commentary. It follows a similar format to I Live Alone, which airs on the same channel on Fridays at the same time slot.

From episode 11 onward, the format has changed slightly to invite guests with their managers. The cast members and invited guests watch the videos as they observe and comment on the life of the invited guests and their managers. Occasionally the cast members and their managers are also observed and commented.

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